Manglik Problems

Understanding the importance of astrology in Hindu families, the horoscope of bride and groom is mixed before marriage. How many attributes of both the horoscope are obtained, what are the qualities of the two, the influence of which planets is the most important, and most importantly that neither of them is suffering from any Mangal flaw?
When looking at the horoscope for marriage, manglik defect should be taken into account. It is a defect that is connected to the planet of the horoscope. If there is Mars 1, 4, 6, 8 or 12th in the horoscope of bride or groom, then it creates a demanding flaw.
Generally, it is considered inauspicious to have a manglik flaw in the horoscope, but in some cases, it is also ignored. It only happens when another planet of horoscope or the planet that is going to get married to the horoscope with partner horoscope is becoming a bite of this demanding flaw. But such a case is rare.
It is also true that every demandal flaw is not as painful as it is usually understood. Mangal defects of some horoscopes are also solved by a small pooja or remedy. One such remedy is explained by Pandit Jagannath here. You can contact them for additional remedies and solutions.

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Such a mistake happens many times, by not being able to assess the horoscope by an astrologer or the person who does not mix the horoscope before marriage becomes a victim of this problem. If any of the above-mentioned ones is spouse or wife, then the mangal defect that will make a bad habit on their marital life will be reduced. According to the measure, if the wife is going to take action from her husband, then on any Tuesday, worship ‘Mangla-Gauri’ with complete law. Due to this, the demanding faults are eased soon.
The remedy for the husband is as follows: The demanded person should make ‘Bhat Poojan’ in Ujjain’s Mangalnath Temple with complete law and order. In this worship, if his wife also participates, it would be best. Our Guruji pandit Jagannath will help you to get rid of Mangal dosh from lives of married people. Contact them for further guidance.

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