Maha Laxmi Puja

The desire for wealth and splendor is in the mind of every human being, and he continually strives to get it, but in the life of everyone, it is not the grace of Lord Lakshmi. If the astrologers believe, then it is necessary to please them for receiving the blessings of Lord Lakshmi, and it is also said that these Goddesses of wealth are not easily satisfied.

Mother Lakshmi’s glory

  • Mother goddess of wealth and property is her mother, Lakshmi.
  • It is believed that Mother Laxmi was born from the sea and she married Sree Hari.
  • Worship of Lord Vaibhav, along with money as well as prayer of Mother Lakshmi, is also found.
  • If mother Lakshmi gets annoyed, then she has to face severe poverty.
  • Astrology is linked to Venus, in relation to Mother Lakshmi.
  • Only worship of Mother Lakshmi gets wealth.
  • With Ganesha worshiping them, we get wealth and intelligence. Praising them with Shree Hari Vishnu gives complete prosperity.

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Benefits of Lakshmi Puja?

Mother goddess of wealth is Lakshmi, but she does not get only wealth from her worship.
Let’s know the benefits of worshipping Lord Lakshmi:

  • Her worship gets not only wealth but also name and achievement.
  • Her worship is even better for a happy married life.
  • How big is the problem of money, but if Lakshmi ji is worshiped duly, then cash is definitely available.
  • The rules and precautions of worship say that the person who is blessed with the Goddess does not lack anything in life, but knowing the rules and precautions of her worship is very important to please the Goddess.
  • The worship of mother Lakshmi should be done by wearing white or pink clothes.

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