Kali Mata Prayers

The idol of Shakti is the mother Kali, the mother who kills the wicked, the Kali Hindu religion has a different significance in the worship of Shakti Swaroopa Kali. Mother Kali is one of the various forms of Durga Mata. Only the name of the mother of the black mother is removed from every problem. By worshiping a mother, a person receives happiness, peace, strength and education in life.
There are many adversities in life. Despite many attempts, they are not resolved yet. With a few simple steps of mother Kalika, this kind of troubles can be relieved. If you want to ease these troubles through Kaali Pooja, seek help from Pandit Jagannath. He is an expert in Vedic astrology and can guide you best to eliminate the problems of life.
Mother Kali, the chief goddess of Shakti Sampradaya, is in place in the form of total ten Mahavidyas. The highest form of power is of the Kali. The worship of Kali ends with fear. The disease is free from their archives. Mother Kali’s worship is unmistakable for the peace of Rahu and Ketu. A mother protects her devotees and destroys their enemies. By worshiping them, the effect of tantra-mantra is eliminated.

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Rule of worship of blacks

Mother Kali is worshiped in two ways; a normal and second technique is worshiped. Normal Pooja can be done by anybody, but Tantra worship cannot be done without the protection and instructions of the Guru. The time of worship of Kali is right at midnight. Red and black objects have special significance in their worship. Mata Kali’s mantra chant is better than meditation.

Kali worship to get rid of enemies

Mother Kali’s worship should be done to calm the enemy and the opponent not for the death of anyone. If you are disturbed by an opponent or an enemy, then you have the remedy to avoid that problem.
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