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A lot has been explained in Vedic astrology about medical astrology. Some rules are also given in Puranas. According to Vishnu Ved-Purana, the rules given at the time of food are told to us, that while eating, one should keep his mouth in the direction of the east or the opposite direction and therefore because the digestive tract remains favorable.

According to astrology, all planets represent some or all parts of the body. When any planet creates a relationship with marriage, sixth house or eighth house. So, the organism related to the planet may be affected.

Each planet must be affected by some or any other aspect of the body or indicates the disease related to it. Like the sun heart, the stomach Pitta shows the right eye, wound, burning wounds, falls, obstruction of blood flow, etc.

  • Moon represents the body fluid, blood, pain in left eye, chest, brain discomfort, irregularity of the menstrual cycle in women, etc.
  • Mars – Head, Animal Cutting, Accident, Burning, Wound, Surgery, Operation, Hypertension, Abortion, etc.
  • Mercury – throat, nose, ears, lungs, sounds, bad dreams.
  • Venus- Urine irritation, secret diseases, eyes, intestines, appendix, diabetes, stones in the bladder, etc.
  • Saturn- foot, claws, lymphatic system, paralysis, depression, fatigue.
  • Rahu – bones, poison, snake bites, fear, etc.
  • Ketu – stammer, difficulty in recognizing, intestine, parasite, etc.

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In the planets above, the planet that is the owner of the sixth house, or the union of the sixth house, the union of the disease becomes the sum of the disease. The relationship between the owner of the sixth house is not considered to be auspicious due to the marriage living with shamesh. When the owner of the sixth house is in the eighth house, the chances of getting more disease increases. If you are also confronting health problems in your life, contact Panjit Jagannath for a healthy lifestyle. Our Guruji has significant knowledge in the field of Vedic astrology and medical astrology, he will serve you with health astrology tips for a better and vital life. Call Panjit Jagannath for a healthy life and avoid all the horoscope house problems within minutes.

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