Hanuman Puja

Apart from the worship of the Navagrahas, Vedic astrology also advises to worship various god-goddesses according to the Vedic law. Through worship of these Gods and Goddesses, and from time to time, the devotees who believe in Vedic astrology have suggested various kinds of Poojas, chants and Mantrasto their astrologers. The Vedic Pooja of the Gods, can lead to elimination of specific defects of horoscopes, one of the same pooja is that of Shri Hanuman Puja which is done by the chant of Lord Hanuman Mantra of Lord Bajrangbali. Lord Hanuman is known in Kaliyuga as one of the very powerful deities, whose grace is the distraction of obstacles in work, the troubles are removed, the ghosts, the vampires, the black magic and other kinds of magic tones.

Consulting the Vedic guru, Jagannath astrologer; Shri Hanuman Puja is the best way to start new tasks and to achieve success in them:

  • To overcome the obstacles in the work, happiness, prosperity, wealth, glory, black magic, sorcery.
  • To overcome the ghost obstacle, the vampire barrier, the phantom obstruction, etc.
  • To achieve victory in battle, courage, and war

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Shri Hanuman gives grace and many other wishes for fulfillment and many people who duly attest this worship are successful in getting countless benefits in different areas of their life. The beginning of Sri Hanuman Puja is usually done on Tuesday, and the next worship is concluded on next Tuesday, due to which it takes 7 days to complete normalization of worship, but in some cases this worship is of 7 to 10 days.
Sri Hanuman pooja is done for the fulfillment of grace and many other desires. His father’s name and his clan are also spoken, and in addition to this, the determination of the fruits sought for the result of this chant of Shri Hanuman Mantra, is done by the Jatak, which will generally start of a new task to achieve success in it. You can also visit Jagannath Astrologer to achieve peace and success in life. Our Guruji will show you the path of enlightenment with his knowledge and deep faith in Vedic astrology.

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