Family disputes

Some toxic relatives can do a lot of harm to the family members. Each one to the extent of their possibilities can make life very difficult, even impossible, with their behavior and their words in the family nucleus.
In fact, the family is one of the most common scenarios in which the drama of toxic relationships develops. Also, this is compounded by another difficulty: we cannot detach ourselves from them forever since there will always be something that unites us.
The family is imposed on us, we cannot choose it, and this requires that, even if we do not like it, we have to adapt to it. It usually happens that we are subject to certain norms within the family nucleus and that it suffocates us.
This generates that we feel slaves, that we are disgusted and that we feel trapped and without exit. Besides, it happens that, the more relevant the position or the position that the toxic relatives occupy, the more difficult it is to leave there or to assert our rights.

A toxic family is one in which its members are related to dysfunctional behavior patterns such as:

  • abuse and disrespect
  • lack of communication
  • emotional manipulation
  • coldness and emotional distance
  • permanent conflict
  • Verbal and physical violence

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