Drinks/Drugs Addiction

Addiction today is hollowing the society inside. The drunken demon day is getting disturbed every day. Today, from small children to big elderly people have become addicted to drugs. Many crimes in the society are flourishing due to intoxication. The worst form of drunkenness is seen when somebody gets addicted to it. Even after making lakhs of efforts, this problem could not come out.

Drug addiction in the horoscope

By the help of astrology, it can be known that who can add intoxicants and who cannot even know which type of intoxicants a person can do. Under the circumstances of the planets that cause the person to be addicted, let us know about those situations-

Role of Rahu-Ketu for intoxication-

The effect of Rahu is like the monster. Rahu’s strength in the horoscope represents the trend of addiction and the person’s tendency. As much as the bad addiction, their factor remains the same. If Rahu is located in the 1,2,7 and 12th place of the horoscope, then the person is an intoxicant. The most impact of Rahu comes from second place. Smoking is the number one in the drugs provided by Rahu.

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Venus and Mars just make such a drunken

If the effect of Mars is on marriage, then the person uses meat or inedible food along with intoxication. Seeing the scenes and introducing the intoxication to affect the effect. Such people make drunken riot or fight. People with the influence of Venus begin to add drunkenness to pleasure and joy.
If you are also a drink or drug addict, you can seek help from Shree Jagannath. Our guruji has rich knowledge of astrology and Vedic science that can help you to get rid of every problem of life. Below are some of the measures given by shree Jagannath to say a goodbye to the addiction problem.

  • In the neck, the liberated Rudraksha is liberated from drunkenness by wearing it in gold.
  • Worshiping Goddess or fasting on Friday as it gives liberation from drunkenness.
  • Putrajraj wearing gold and wearing turmeric garlands in the neck, dries away the kosos.
  • Make yourself recite 11000 times of Shri Sukat. Life will change. Addiction will definitely be redeemed. Along with wealth and property, all will be blessed with happiness.

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